Friday, May 23, 2014

The Rumtopf Recipe

Start Rumtopf in Spring
When Frank, a friend from Hamburg, Germany, was visiting us in New York City, we were chatting about recipes and food. As always. When Frank mentioned Rumtopf - an oldfashioned dessert or dessert topping - I didn't even know how to make it. Because I cannot remember we would have made it in Austria. And since spring is the perfect time to start it, we decided to start the Rumtopf project. I asked him for a recipe and how to make it and we went to our local farmers market here on Staten Island to get the ingredients we would need. Strawberries and Blackberries. To get the rum we needed, we actually had to go to Brooklyn. Well I guess it's ok to go to Brooklyn to get such a rare find as "Stroh Rum" of Austria. Once we collected the ingrecients we started right away.

Here are the ingredients we needed to start:
  • Fresh, local strawberries
  • Fresh, local blackberries
  • Granulated sugar
  • Captain Morgan Rum
  • Stroh Rum 80
How to make it:
Start the rum pot in spring. Take a clay pot or if you don't have a clay pot, take any other non-transparent pot. When it comes to the fruits, it doesn't matter how much you take of each ingredient. It is all about the ratio. If you put in 2 lbs of fruits into your rum pot, add 1 lb of granulated sugar. So it is a 2:1 ratio of fruits and sugar. 
Then add rum. Captain Morgan rum comes with 35 % alcohol, Stroh Rum comes with 80 % alcohol. To receive the perfect alcohol quantity, add 2 parts Captain Morgan Rum and 1 part Stroh Rum to the rum pot. Add so much rum, that all fruits are covered by rum. 

Wait for the next local seasonal fruits that come to your local farmers market and add them the same way you added the first fruits. Fruits and sugar in a 2:1 ratio and fill up with rum until they are fully covered. Repeat until thanksgiving.

IMPORTANT: try to keep track of the progress by tasting it almost daily :)

Then you will have a fabulous dessert by using it as topping for ice cream for example.

This is how we exactly started on May 23rd:
We've put in
- 650 grams of strawberries and blackberries
- 325 grams granulated sugar
- 500 grams Captain Morgan rum
- 250 grams Stroh Rum

on June 6th we added
- 280 grams of cherries (including stones! so be careful when you enjoy the Rumtopf)
- 140 grams of granulated sugar

on June 18th we added
- 300 grams peaches (peeled and cut into pieces)
- 320 grams blueberries
- 400 grams cherries (yes, again cherries. with stones)
- 520 grams granulated sugar

UPDATE 3 (we had to make the 3rd update because tasing the progress is just tooo tempting):
on July 23rd we added
- 150 grams pineapple
- 150 grams cantaloupe
- 150 grams Gelierzucker (a special type of granulated sugar that makes liquids jellied)

If you want to follow the progress of our Rumtopf project, follow this blog or follow the Keksies Facebook page.
Start with fresh local fruits and rum

rumtopf rezept
put fruits into the pot

rum pot recipe
add granulated sugar (2:1 fruits:sugar)

rum pot
top up with rum so that all fruits are fully covered
blueberries, cherries, peaches
we are adding cherries, blueberries and peaches
peel peaches
peel the peaches and remove the stone

cut peaches
cut the peeled peaches into pieces

finished rum pot
finished rum pot - let it ripen and enjoy the Rumtopf in fall