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Blueberry Strudel Recipe [Blaubeerstrudel Rezept]

A slice of hand made German - Austrian blueberry strudel
Original German - Austrian Blueberry Strudel
July is Blueberry month!

And so we'd like to serve you with a recipe for a great summer dessert. The Blueberry Strudel, which is called Blaubeerstrudel in Germany and sometimes also called Schwarzbeerstrudel in Austria - even though the berries used are blue berries and not blackberries.

Strudels are great in summer because you can take advantage of all the seasonal fruits. Fill your strudel with apples, cherries, blackberries or even kraut to make a savory variety. Eat your fruit strudel either as a dessert or with a cup of coffee in the afternoon. Like we love to do! We call it "Kaffee und Kuchen" when we gather in the afternoon to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee along with a Mehlspeise as we also call the our pastries.

Here is what you need for our original German and Austrian blueberry strudel recipe:

For the dough:

  • 250 gram all purpose flour
  • 1 table spoon apple vinegar
  • 1.5 table spoons vegetabel oil
  • 1 egg
  • up to 125 ml luke warm water

For the filling:

  • 900 gram blueberries
  • 30 gram butter
  • 60 gram bread crumbs
  • 125 gram sugar
  • 50 gram almond meal
  • vegetable oil to brush the dough

Prepare the dough:
Sieve flour onto a wooden working table.
Make a little dent into the flour.
Carefully stir oil, egg, vinegar and the required water (not the all water) into the flour. One ingredient at a time by adding water at the end. Always keep the working table clean while stirring in the ingredients (make sure the flour absorbs all the liquids before they reach the working table).
Once all liquids including about 3/4 of the water are absorbed from the flour you should have a sticky dough and about 1/4 of the water left. Add the last 1/4 of water in very small quantities by carefully stirring in only as much as the dough needs so that you get a sticky dough with no flour left which you now need to knead until you have a smooth dough that makes tongues whean kneading it (I know, that sounds difficult. It actually IS and needs a lot of experience).
Place dough on a wood board, brush it with some vegetable oil and cover it with a moist hot pot (heat some water in a pot on the stove, remove the water and cover the dough with the pot).
Let the dough rest for 30 minutes and prepare the filling.

Prepare the filling:
Wash the blueberries and dry them with paper towels.
Melt butter in a pan and roast the bread crumbs until they are golden brown. Let roasted bread crumbs cool before you use them in the strudel.

Making the strudel:
Now definitely the most difficult part is to do. Make the strudel dough as thin, so that you are able to read the newspaper through it.
Take a (approximately) 3 x 3 foot table cloth or other cloth and place it on the working table.
Dust it very thin with flour.
Place the dough in on the cloth and roll it with a pin until it is approximately the size of a dish.
Now take the dough and "pull it out" with the backs of your hands. Similar like a pizza baker does. Place the dough on the back of one hand and with the back of your other hand you pull it a little bit. But very carefully. The weight of the dough should be used to stretch the dough in small steps.
Once the dough is streched out so it is thin in the center and aproximately 2 feet in diameter:
Place it on the cloth.
Then stretch the borders of the dough with your fingers very carefully until you have it as thin as in the center.
Now sprinkle the fully stretched dough with vegetable oil.
Place the roasted bread crumbs on 2/3 of the dough and keep boarders of 1 inch around uncovered.
Place the almond meal on top of the bread crumbs.
Then add the blueberries.
And finally add sugar.
Now roll the strudel.
Fold in the side borders (the 1 inch boarders, which you kept uncovered) and brush with oil.
Roll up the strudel, beginning with the side where the filling is and roll it towards the uncovered 1/3 of the dough until you have rolled up the full strudel.
Lift the Strudel onto a baking sheet with the end of the dough on bottom side of the strudel.

Bake for approximately 40 minutes on 370 Farenheit in a convection oven. If you do not have a convetion oven, increase the temperature a little bit.

Remove the blueberry strudel from the oven and let cool.

Cut the strudel into 1.5 - 2 inch slices, dust with powdered sugar and serve with vanilla ice cream.

And if you think "wow that sounds delicious, but who in New York City has got time to prepare that elaborate pastry?", we can help you. Our handmade blueberry strudel is also available for catering and local delivery in New York City.

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Blueberry Strudel Ingredients
Ingredients for Blueberry Strudel
Stretched Strudel Dough
Stretched Strudel Dough
Strudel Dough
Dough for Blueberry Strudel

German Blueberry Strudel
Fill the Blueberry Strudel

Blueberry Strudel New York City
Fold in the boarders of the Blueberry Strudel

Blueberry Strudel recipe
Brush the boarders of the Blueberry Strudel

Blueberry Strudel
Roll up the Blueberry Strudel
Austrian Blueberry Strudel
Blueberry Strudel
Blueberry Strudel
Lift the Blueberry Strudel
Blueberry Strudel
Lift the Blueberry Strudel onto a baking sheet
baking Blueberry Strudel
Bake the Strudel at 370 in a convection oven for approximately 40 minutes

finished Blueberry Strudel
Cut the Blueberry Strudel into 2 inch size slices when cooled

handmade Blueberry Strudel
Serve Blueberry Strudel with powdered sugar - or order it at http://2penz.com