Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Keksies" by 2 PENZ Wholesale Showcase Event

E-Space2 PENZAugust 21st, 2012 was the day we've been attending a wholesale showcase event for the first time.

Together with fellow food entrepreneurs from the Entrepreneur's Space in Long Island City we presented our products to potential wholesale customers. We were showing our "Keksies" Weihnachtsgebäck line-up for the 2012 Christmas season. With new Christmas cookies like "Vanillekipferl" and "Walnut Dice" and the all new Marzipan Stollen we were able to extend our Christmas pastry line-up with three German/Austrian classics.

E-Space2 PENZWholesale customers especially liked the Marzipan Stollen, which is very popular among Germans who live in NYC.
But not only to meet potential buyers from restaurants, hotels, gourmet stores and supermarkets, also to meet fellow food entrepreneurs it was a great experience to meet at the Entrepreneur's Space in Long Island City. Thank you again to Kathrine from mi kitchen es su kitchen and the whole E-Space Team for organizing that event!

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