Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is Scho Recht - A Couple Of Bavarian Myths

Downtown Bon Vivant
As "Downtown Bon Vivant" co-founder of the 2 PENZ INC, I decided to start a blog category called "is scho recht". It is a Bavarian phrase that probably could be translated with the words "fair enough" best. In Bavaria it is commonly used when a person is sure that his or her opinion is right and he or she does not want to discuss it with someone else who has a different opinion. Also is it used when a Bavarian accepts an apology from someone else or just accepts a situation as it is.

So this category of my blog is dedicated to all the commonly known facts and myths among Americans about Bavaria, Germany, Austria, its food, history and habits.

Like the one that many Americans think, that just because of the fact someone was born in Austria, he or she is good at skiing. No, that's not necessarily the case. They also have cities which are far away from the next mountain. And even for those who live in the mountains there is public transportation. So kids who grow up in the Austrian mountains don't need to take skies for their commute to school, no they simply take the bus.

This was just an example what this category will be all about in the future. So stay tuned for the next myth which we will publish under this label can just comment with the words "is scho recht".

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