Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Keksies" by 2 PENZ Wholesale Showcase Event

E-Space2 PENZAugust 21st, 2012 was the day we've been attending a wholesale showcase event for the first time.

Together with fellow food entrepreneurs from the Entrepreneur's Space in Long Island City we presented our products to potential wholesale customers. We were showing our "Keksies" Weihnachtsgebäck line-up for the 2012 Christmas season. With new Christmas cookies like "Vanillekipferl" and "Walnut Dice" and the all new Marzipan Stollen we were able to extend our Christmas pastry line-up with three German/Austrian classics.

E-Space2 PENZWholesale customers especially liked the Marzipan Stollen, which is very popular among Germans who live in NYC.
But not only to meet potential buyers from restaurants, hotels, gourmet stores and supermarkets, also to meet fellow food entrepreneurs it was a great experience to meet at the Entrepreneur's Space in Long Island City. Thank you again to Kathrine from mi kitchen es su kitchen and the whole E-Space Team for organizing that event!

If you would like to get information about events the 2 PENZ are attending, please see and subscribe to our event calendar at http://2penz.com/events

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bayerische Creme in Queens

Bayerische Creme aka Bavarian Creme
Come to Long Island City this Saturday, August 4th from 12 - 4pm and visit us at the Queens County Market.
We are going to serve a refreshingly awesome Bayerische Creme aka Bavarian Cream. Bayerische Creme is a traditional Bavarian dessert but also well known as Crème bavaroise in the international and French haute cuisine. Together with fresh, locally grown grapes and our home made orange ragout it's going to thrill you!

Oh, and if you are a subscriber to our newsletter, you get 25 % off.

When and where:
Saturday, August 4th 12 - 4pm

Laughing Devil Comedy Club
47-38 Vernon Boulevard

Take 7 Train to Vernon Blvd-Jackson Ave (2 blocks to venue; 1 stop from Grand Central Station)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Taste Patrol

INTRODUCING: "The 2 PENZ Taste Patrol".
As a small manufacturer of fine German and Austrian food products we certainly are always interested in what German, Austrian or Bavarian establishments are offering across America. So we randomly visit places that pique our interest to figure out how well they are doing in the following categories: authenticity, service, cleanliness, quality and price. The Taste Patrol tests food establishments such as restaurants, bars, home delivery services, mail order companies and food manufacturer anonymously and impartially.

Gastgarten Der Schwarze KoelnerOur first "Taste Patrol" test object:

NAME: "Der Schwarze Kölner"
CATEGORY: Restaurant
WEBSITE: http://www.ex49.com/dsk/
LOCATION: 710 Fulton Street (Fort Greene), Brooklyn, NY

Test Categories (1 star = bad , 5 stars = excellent)
SERVICE: **** 4
QUALITY:**** 4
PRICE:**** 4

Ovarall Rating: 4 stars
(of 5 possible stars)
I picked a table myself - which is common in Germany - and it was less than a minute until a waiter said hello and brought me the menu. Several really authentic German dishes and beers are listed on the menu. Like "Gaffel" a famous Kölsch beer, "Franziskaner" and "Spaten" from Munich which they have on draft. But also rare finds like the bottled "Augustiner" are available.
The food menu also offers a rich variety of typical German foods. From Kartoffelsalat, to Obazda, Leberkäse and even Landjäger.
I personally had a Schneider Weisse beer, which is my favorite wheat beer of Munich. And I took the Leberäse with egg.
The beer was perfect as expected. The Leberkäse came in a typical way it is served in Bavaria, but under a different name. Leberkäse with egg, roll and mustard lets me expect everything served seperately on a dish. The way it was served at "Der Schwarze Kölner", the meat loaf and the egg between the two slices of the bun would be called "Leberkässemmel" something like "meat loaf sandwich".
But both quality and taste were absolutely authentic. And the price of $ 5 for a meat loaf sandwich with egg is totally ok for Brooklyn.
Menu (Speisekarte) Der Schwarze Koelner

Menu (Getränkekarte) Der Schwarze Koelner

Leberkäse Semmel im Der Schwarze Kölner

Leberkäse Semmel im Der Schwarze Kölner
The restaurant was clean as we would describe clean in Germany. Not super-hyper sanitized like an american stroller but everything like finished dishes or trash was removed promptly and also the restrooms were clean. Just like a real German "Wirsthaus".

My personal opinion:
Very friendly, quick service, very authentic ambiance, food and drinks and clean guest area.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is Scho Recht - A Couple Of Bavarian Myths

Downtown Bon Vivant
As "Downtown Bon Vivant" co-founder of the 2 PENZ INC, I decided to start a blog category called "is scho recht". It is a Bavarian phrase that probably could be translated with the words "fair enough" best. In Bavaria it is commonly used when a person is sure that his or her opinion is right and he or she does not want to discuss it with someone else who has a different opinion. Also is it used when a Bavarian accepts an apology from someone else or just accepts a situation as it is.

So this category of my blog is dedicated to all the commonly known facts and myths among Americans about Bavaria, Germany, Austria, its food, history and habits.

Like the one that many Americans think, that just because of the fact someone was born in Austria, he or she is good at skiing. No, that's not necessarily the case. They also have cities which are far away from the next mountain. And even for those who live in the mountains there is public transportation. So kids who grow up in the Austrian mountains don't need to take skies for their commute to school, no they simply take the bus.

This was just an example what this category will be all about in the future. So stay tuned for the next myth which we will publish under this label can just comment with the words "is scho recht".

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

German Rhubarb Pie

german rhubarb pieThe German Rhubarb Cake is a perfect recipe for a cake you can make for a nice and hot summer day. Like for "4th of July". Its combination of fruity rhubarb, the moist batter and a sweet meringue cover makes it awesome for a hot spring or summer day where other cakes might feel a little bit too heavy to eat. The rhubarb makes it light and fruity. Just perfect after your Independence Day burger..

See more photos of the Rhubarb Pie on Google Plus.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The 2 PENZ at the Queens County Market

marmor gugelhupfiWe are amazed that we could secure a spot at the upcoming Queens County Market this weekend. On Saturday June 30th you are invited to visit us from 11am to 3pm and get your German miniature Gugelhupf!

We are going to prepare four different varieties of "Gugelhupfi", which are miniature versions of the regular German Gugelhupf. Bavarian - Austrian straight and elegant Cupcakes, without the American decoration so to say. Anyway a great gift for 4th of July!
You will be able to choose among three sweet varieties "Marmor Gugelhupf" (Marble Bundt Cake), "Bischofs Gugelhupf" (Bishops Bundt Cake) and the "Classic Gugelhupf" (Yeast Bundt Cake) as well as one savory variety with Speck as the "Speck Gugelhupf" (Yeast Bundt Cake with Speck).  And if time allows we will bake a sugar free variety of the Marmor Gugelhupf as well.

So be there and get your German little desserts. When and where?

speck gugelhupfiQUEENS COUNTY MARKET
Sunnyside Community Services
43-31 39th Street bet Queens Blvd & 43rd Ave Sunnyside, NY 11104
2 blocks from 7 train @ 40th Street-Lowery

Also see our great postcard which is featured on the PsPrint blog! Visit us and grab one of them to receive a 20 % rebate on your first 2 PENZ order on etsy! visit 2penz.etsy.com

Friday, May 25, 2012

2 PENZ Attending The "Taste of Queens"

2 PENZ at the METS Stadium2012 was the first year the German crew of the 2  PENZ has attended the "Taste of Queens" in New York City. It was a little bit strange to think about showing German Christmas Cookies in May. For both for us as vendors and for the visitors. But it was also a great experience for all. People stopped by our stand and loved our delicious Bavarian - Austrian pastries like "Zimtstern", "Chocolate Bread" or the "Marzipan Thaler", which became customer's favorite choice immediately.

Also was it a very nice opportunity to meet other vendors of Queens. Like the Italian guys from Magna Ristorantebrewlabars and the Krumville Bake Shop. It is amazing to see what small and new food manufacturers are able to do!
Thank you very much, folks for stopping by and for your flattering comments on our cookies. We highly appreciate your numerous business cards you've dropped to receive news about "keksies.com" - our brand for German Christmas cookies.

We are eagerly looking forward to see you all again next year at the Taste of Queens and of course for Christmas 2012! Don't forget to use your coupon, which is on the back of the postcard we were handing out, when shopping for your German Christmas cookies on etsy...

preparing the 2 PENZ table... 

our friends at the Krumville Bake Shop preparing their table...
our friends at brewla bars

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crispellis - Bakery and Pizzeria in Berkley

When I passed the Crispelli's Bakery and Pizzeria on Woodward Ave the first time with the car, I couldn't figure out what this new place exactly would be. But subconsciously I discovered that this must be a new upscale Italian style place where the in-crowd would go to. A couple of days later I also went there and quickly figured out that the "bakery and pizzeria" would nothing be else than a slightly modified version of the fast casual self service restaurant from Germany called "Vapiano", which also has a couple of restaurants in the US meanwhile.

The core concept is very similar. You enter the restaurant and instead of being seated you can choose which line you would like to join. The line at the pizza counter - which is the most crowded one - or the line at the drinks counter or the line at the bakery/dessert counter. After ordering your pizza and other foods or drinks you get a receipt and can go to the register pay your items. And while you are about to look for a table that fits your needs, the pizza guy is calling your name to pick up your pizza. Which is even more stressful. Because now you need to look for a table AND carry your pizza with you. But as soon as you get used to the European style of self service restaurants its not so difficult anymore.
There are some differences between the Vapiano system and the Crispelli's way. Like the idea of getting a code card when entering any Vapiano restaurant is a very smart one. This way you only need to pay once during your whole visit, which I personally prefer. The way Crispelli's deals with it is more like the IKEA self service restaurant style. Everytime you pick an item from a counter you need to go to the register and pay.

At my first visit I tried my personal favorite pizza. The "Prosciutto Pizza" which comes with aged prosciiutto, extra virgin olive oil, minced garlic, fresh mozzarella and arugula. In Europe this really used to be my favorite pizza. But when I ordered it at Crispelli's I was surpised how they prepared it. They rolled out the dough and put all the ingredients on it and put it into the oven. The result was obvious to me BEFORE they put it into the oven. Arugula and the expensive ham "prosciutto" were burnt. I mean how can someone think that such sensitive ingredients like prosciutto and arugula need to be baked for minutes? No, they need to be placed on the pizza right after it comes out of the oven and don't need more than the warmth of the hot pizza. Sure, it is very difficult to open a brand new restaurant. No doubt. But I hope these guys can improve their product quality and are able to use their staff more effectively.

So for me it finally was an disappointing visit at one more wannabe Italian place in Detroit. Sorry, in Berkley. But if you would like to try something else than the Prosciutto Pizza, it is definitely a very nice restaurant and worth going there.

  Crispelli's Bakery and Pizzeria 28939 Woodward Avenue Berkley, Michigan, 48072

Monday, March 19, 2012

PayPal iPhone Credit Card Reader

Good news for mobile food vendors and farmers market vendors. PayPal USA is coming up with an alternate to the square card reader for iPhone and Android. The PayPal credit card reader for iPhone has just been announced to the public but can't be ordered so far. But you can get notified at paypal.com/here I personally think it is a better thing to use the PayPal credit card reader than the square up reader since you only have to maintain one account.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Carnival Cocktail Sandwiches

Having some sandwiches, which remind me a little bit of Austrian Brötchen

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tasty Ham Gugelhupfi

Wow these ham bundt cakes came right out of the oven. These are awesome! They go really well with a Lazy Daze Lager. For examle.

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